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Hydrotherapy Treatment For A Baby Elephant

Hydrotherapy Treatment Baby Elephant

This 5 month old calf was rescued from an animal snare in November. Her front left leg was caught in the trap and badly injured. While Fah Jam's wound and health are improving. she's refusing to put any weight on her injured leg. The handlers rehabilitating her are now trying a new form of therapy in Pattaya, Thailand.

Dr Padet Siridumrong veterinarian said, "Compared to the first (hydrotherapy) session, she's doing much better this time, although she seems a bit wary. I think by her fourth and fifth sessions, she will enjoy swimming more. She's just a baby elephant, that's why she was bit seared at first, but by nature, elephants love the water and can swim."

The hydrotherapy treatment could take up to 2 months but veterinarians hope it will ensure the elephant won't need a prosthetic leg.