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How To Use Bharat Interface for Money App - BHIM

BHIM Bharat Interface for Money

Prime Minister Modi has introduced new app called Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) for Android. this government official app is used for UPI digital payments. Using this app you can link your account to over 30 supported banks. Lets see how this work.

Install the BHIM app from google play store and choose your prefered language. Grand access to the app for your phone and sms for the verification step. Once verified set a password and choose your bank. If you already have a UPI address the app will fetch the details using your phone number, if not you can create a UPI account for yourself using your phone number as user name.

After creating the account you will find the three option Send, Request and Scan & Pay in the main menu as shown above.

Sending Money - Sending money is simple, you put in the receiver UPI address, the amount and remarks and hit pay. You will be asked for UPI pin for confirmation. You can send up to 10,000 in a single transaction with a limit of Rs 20,000 per day.

This app offers a simpler way to transfer money to anyone with a Android smartphone and a bank account.