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Great Bombay Circus A Big Hit In Visakhapatnam

Even in the age of television and Internet, circus shows continue to pull big crowds and remain a big source of entertainment for people in the port city.

Great Bombay Circus
Artists present acrobatic skills at the Great Bombay Circus show at AU High School Grounds in Visakhapatnam

A sizeable number of people collect to watch the Great Bombay Circus which is on show in Visakhapatnam city from December 18. It will run till January 31. Demonetisation drive of the government, however, hit the circus badly that arrived in the city after a gap of eight years. There are about 30 acts, including some breathtaking stunts and acrobatics. The bike stunts in an oval mesh and group stunts by artistes on cycles are exciting.

Clowns in colourful costumes, men and women on the flying trapeze continue to receive thunderous applause from the audience.

"We see amazing acts on the TV but watching live such talent in the circus is really great," said M. Ravi, a college student.

The circus co-owner K.M. Sanjeev said, "We have been changing the acts every year to ensure that audience do not feel that they are watching the same show that they have seen earlier. Despite all restrictions, we have been continue the age-old entertainment," said.

Restrictions on the use of wild animals has come a big blow to circuses. Mr Sanjeev said for the past few years, new rules are being issued by the government making the running and managing of a circus a tough task.

"We had collection of 26 elephants and some tigers. However, things have been badly hit after the government banned use of wild animals," he added. The camel will be seen following the orders of the ring master, A dog walked on its hind legs, balancing a small umbrella on its body and two other dogs went round the ring with one jumping over the other.

The Grand Bombay Circus was founded by Baburao Kadam in 1920. The management team is however, planning to close the circus in 2019 when it will complete 100 years.