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Dangerous School Crossing - Nepal

These kids are on their way to school. They're crossing a river with a single cable and box. 16 year old Ram Maya chepang and her friends make this journey in a remote village in central Nepal every day.

Ram Maya Chepang a student of Sankhadevi Secondary School said, "I feel very scared while using the cable. Though there is a fence around the bx, it is open all around and therefore it's very scary to cross with the high wire."

To avoid a long and risky trip through hills, they opt for the cables. Sun maya Chepang Ram Maya's mother sai, "The kids are scared of falling from the hill. We have no other option than to travel with the cable."

Farmers and villagers also rely on the cables to buy and sell goods. In 2011, five people died when a cable collapsed. it isn't easy for these students. Meena Magrati a student said, "Sometimes the hands are injured due to the wire and sometimes we might even drop our slippers while passing along the cable."

This is only one leg of the students journey. the Nepalese government plans to replace the cables with suspension bridges. But that could take up to 4 years. Until then, these students have little choice.