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Car For Millennials - Fiat Chrysler

Fiat Chrysler

Fiat-Chrysler, at the CES, unveiled a concept car designed for Millennials: an electric-powered minivan with modular components that can be adapted for autonomous driving. Inside a boxy exterior, the vehicle has an adaptable, modular "third space" that can be modified for passengers or cargo.

The company said it can be used in "semi-autonomous operation," where a driver has the option to turn control over to the vehicle under certain highway driving situations. The portal, like some new techrich vehicles, uses an array of sensors to monitor conditions that can assist drivers.

It has full-colour, changing LED lighting on the front, Side portals and rear that allows it to take on different colours and can be tailored for personal, and business or drive settings.

In terms of electronics, the car is designed with facial recognition and voice biometrics to recognize the driver to customise lighting, music and other settings. It can also work with emerging safety technologies such as vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communication.