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Asia's Growing Pile Of E-Waste


Electronic waste is rising sharply across Asia as higher incomes allow hundreds of millions of people to buy smartphones and other gadgets. 63 per cent rise in e-waste in five years, a UN study reported.

Top Offenders

  • China more than doubled its own generation of e-waste between 2010 and 2015.
  • Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines were among the lowest e-waste generators.
  • 21.7 Kilograms of e-waste was generated by each person in Hong Kong, the worst offending economy in the Chinese region, in 2015.
  • 19 kilograms per person e-waste generated in 2015 by Singapore and Taiwan.
Health Hazards
  • Improper and illegal e-waste dumping means increased exposure to extremely toxic chemicals, leading to severe health and environment consequences.
  • Acids that are used to separate the metals in the electronic products are a particular concern, with inhalation or exposure to them causing serious health problems.