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Africa's Lost Tribe In India - Siddi Tribe

Siddi Tribe India

A tribe that is African in their genes but Indian in their heart. India's Siddi Tribe in Gujarat may have their roots in Southeast Africa. But their nationality i snow Indian and so is their way of life!

They rarely use their native language Swahili, but are fluent in Hindi and Gujarati. They were brought to India as slaves by the Portuguese around 750 years ago.

Siddi Tribe India

Siddi population across India is 55,000 Siddi across India. While most of them are Sufi Muslims, some practice Hinduism and Christianity too. They marry within the community and hence retain their African features.

Siddi Tribe Dhamaal Dance

Though far from their roots, they have preserved their culture over the years. Their African roots still echo in their 'Goma' music and the 'Dhamaal' dance. And that is where the often used word 'Dhamaal' comes from. It's neither Hindi nor Gujarati, but comes all the way from Southeast Africa!