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A New Era Of Three Wheeled Vehicles - Azkarra

Girfalco Azkarra

Canadian startup Girfalco has unveiled a new two-seat electric three-wheeler, named Azkarra. The vehicle will be available in two models, the Azkarra and the Azkarra S. The Azkarra S model will possess 162kW of continuous power, and 225kW of peak power, while the standard Azkarra will feature 54kW of continuous power, and 75kW of peak power. The Azkarra S is said to hit 160km/h from rest in just 2.5 seconds, while the Azkarra in 4.5 seconds.

These models are claimed to possess a top speed of about 240km/h and 200km/h respectively. The two models vary in weight as well. The Azkarra bears an estimated weight of about 480kgs; on the other hand, the sportier Azkarra S will weigh 510kgs. The electric vehicle is said to recharge to up to 80 per cent in half-an-hour or so via a level 3 charger.

In total 100 units of Azkarra will be produced, with only 25 units slated for production in 2017. Girfalco will start taking pre-orders for the vehicle from mid-January, priced a little over $50,000.