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A Movie With Chiranjeevi, Ramcharan And Allu Arjun

Chiranjeevi Ramcharan And Allu Arjun

Famous cine producer and MP T.Subbarami Reddy announced the making of a new Telugu film with heroes from the mega star's family. He attended the pre-release function of Chiranjeevi's Telugu starrer, Khaidi Number 150 at Haailand of China Kakani in Guntur district on Saturday. Addressing the masses, he recalled his association with Chiranjeevi, producer of the State Rowdy Telugu movie and other films. He also said that presently he was not producing movies but after seeing Chiranjeevi like a youngster in films he decided to produce a movie with Chiranjeevi, Ramcharan, Allu Arjun and other heroes of the mega family and soon it would materialise.

Mr Subbarami Reddy said that Chiranjeevi assiduously worked to get success and achieved top place in Tollywood. He said that Chiranjeevi was the invisible master to many who practiced dances and fights like him. He added that Chiranjeevi inspired Allu Arjun, Ramcharan and others of his family to become heroes and now he inspired Ramcharan to become produce with Khaidi Number 150. Mr Subbarami Reddy predicted about Khaidi Number 150 turning into a blockbuster on this Sankranti.

Famous director Dasari Narayana Rao said that Chiranjeevi's return to film industry after a gap of nine years is history as no one returned after leaving film industry.