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A 2 Year Old Genius - Varun Sriram

2 Year Old Genius - Varun Sriram

He can identify flags of all the countries, monuments from around the world and the entire chemistry periodic table. And you won't believe he's all of 2 years and 8 months! Meet child prodigy, V. Varun Sriram from Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Once he learns or hears about something, he remembers it forever. he has a photographic memory and an excellent aptitude for almost everything.

Chitra Vijay Kumar a child psychologist

Dr. Chitra Vijay Kumar a child psychologist says that, "he has photographic memory but not only photographic memory. It is not that what he sees alone, he says. His ability to receive the signal, encode both his long term memory and his working memory are excellent. So that kind of retrieval of facts, very few percentage of children can do."

He completed a month's training of chess in just half an hour! He has set a Wonder Book record by identifying 672 objects in a mere 10 minutes. Doctors speculate that his IQ could be around 146-148. Only 0.1% children in the world have such an IQ level. Although no tests have been done to confirm it.