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8 Ways To Make Passive Income

Passive Income

If you need additional income, but don't have the energy or time to put in extra part time work hours. There are lots of different ways to earn passive income, something is bound to work for you. Here are the 8 ways to make money

Index Fund

1. Try An Index Fund - You decide how you want to participate and then contribute money. Your stock portfolio will be on autopilot.

Affiliate Marketing Sales

2. Try Affiliate Marketing & Make Sales - if you have an active blog/website, you can promote products or services on it. Payment is either a flat fee or percentage of the completed sale amount.

Photography To Work

3. Put Your Photography To Work - Service photography websites sell images to clients. Allowing a site to use and sell your photos will earn a percentage or a flat fee for each photo sold.

Sell Products Online

4. Sell Your Own Products Online - if you already make something, you can likely sell it. You can sell a wide variety of products/services online.

5. Buy A Blog - Blogs generate revenue through ads and value depends on total traffic. They usually sell for about 24X their monthly income.

Cash Referral

6. Become A Referral Source - Make a list of small business providers that you use regularly. Contact the owners and see if they have any cash referral offers.

Online Course

7. Create An Online Course - Figure out what you're an expert at. Pair up with a teaching website where you can create video lessons, audio files, and information packets.

8. Make Money For Tasks You Already Do - Some sites pay money for playing games, shopping online, and searching the web. Take advantage for the things you'd be doing anyway.

Bonus Tip - Some credit cards provide cash back rewards ranging from 1% to 5% reducing what you're spending this way is a great way to save.