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7 Tips To Boost Your Health And Wellbeing

Practice Chinese Taoism

1. Practice Chinese Taoism - It teaches that unhappiness compliments happiness. Taoism's 'cognitive reframing' principles are used in modern treatments for depression.

Get On Your Bike

2. Get On Your Bike - Cycling isn't just good for your body, regular cyclists have better concentration and energy according to studies.

3. Relax In A Sauna - Finland has a sauna for every 5 people. Studies suggest they're good for your heart and immune system.

4. Eat Mindfully - Try hara hachi bu - or eating until you're only 80 percent full. Eat smaller portions and eat slowly.

Indian Meditation

5. Try Indian Meditation And Yoga - Meditation and yoga are known for spiritual and stress busting benefits. but they can also boost attention, creativity and memory.

walk in the park

6. Get Out And About - A walk in the park can improve energy and attention. Studies suggest spending time with nature can benefit eyesight, immunity and recovery from surgery.

single day off work

7. Get Away From It All -  Even a single day off work can have big benefits. Research shows it improves brain function, sleep and mood.