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600 Million Africans To Have Electricity

Akon lighting Africa

600 million africans will have electricity due to pop singer Akon initiative. Akon Lighting Africa is a project that aims to provide solar power to 600 million Africans with no access to electricity.

Akon African energy challenge

Co-Founded by singer Akon in 2014 to address the African energy challenge. The project provides electricity to 18 African countries with 100,000 solar street lamps installed. 1,200 solar micro grids set up and 5,500 indirect jobs created.

Akon Lighting Africa

They also built a solar academy to train local engineers and entrepreneurs hot to install and maintain solar powered systems and microgrids.

Akon Lighting Africa

For some of the communities, it's the first time they've had electricity. The project is empowering the people and making an even brighter future for Africa.