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6 Gadgets To Expect In 2017

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch - The nintendo Switch is a convertible console that can be taken on the go. The controllers on the side can even be detached. Nintendo's current console, the Wii U, has only sold 13.6 million units. Compared to the original Wii, which sold over 100 million units. So the company is betting big on the "Switch" to be a success when it launches in March of 2017.

iPhone X

iPhone X - 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Because of this, some think Apple will skip the half step (S) model and call it the iPhone X. There are rumors that this iPhone will have many substantial upgrades like an edge to edge screen. it will likely launch in September of 2017.

Microsoft Creators Update

Microsoft Creators Update - Window's next big iteration will be called "The Creator's update" - and it will be free. This update fully embraces 3D creation with things like:

  • A brand new 3D version of paint
  • An update powerpoint with 3D clip art.
  • And even Hololens integration.
The creators update will be available in spring of 2017 . 

Refined Hololens

Refined Hololens - Hololens is microsoft's augmented reality headset. Microsoft released developers units to some select companies in May of 2016. Some rumors say that 2017 should see a full retail release of the Hololens. 

Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung Galaxy X - Samsung patents show a design with a bendable screen. This may never see the light of day, but analysts think it could show up in a Samsung phone in 2017. 

Xbox Project Scorpio

Xbox Project Scorpio - Xbox's new project scorpio console will be much more powerful than anything else currently available. it will be almost 50% more powerful than the PS4 Pro and 350% more powerful than the Xbox One. but the scorpio will also be the first console to play true 4K games. Not even the Playstation 4 Pro can do that.