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2 Crore Cases Stuck In Indian Small Courts

Cases Stuck In Small Courts

A whopping 2.8 core cases are pending in district courts across the country, which are short of nearly 5,000 judicial officers. Judicial manpower needs to increase by seven times to overcome the crisis, two Supreme Court reports have said. 15,000 judges are needed over the next three years.

India's Pendency Crisis

2,81,25,066 civil and criminal cases pending in district courts in the period between July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. But 1,89,04,222 cases were also disposed off during the period.

Key Reasons

  • Shortage of judges in subordinate courts is one of the key reasons for pending litigation.
  • 4,954 judges' posts vacant when the sanctioned strength of judicial officers is 21,324.
  • Based on the study and keeping in mind the future growth in institution of cases, it has been found the current judge strength is insufficient to deal with a huge figure of pendency of cases, which is a cause of concern, the report said.
  • The State is obliged to carry out the decisions of the Apex Court and increase the Judge-Population Ratio to 50 per million as held in the All India Judges Association case.
  • 13 per cent cases undergo trials under the IPC during a year, says data from National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)
States With Most Vacancies

Shortage of Judges - 794
Total Judges Posts - 1,953
Working Judicial Officers - 1,159

Shortage of Judges - 792
Total Judges Posts - 1,825
Working Judicial Officers - 1,033

Shortage of Judges - 624
Total Judges Posts - 2,394
Working Judicial Officers - 1,770