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2 Biggest Men's Fashion Trends For 2017

If you're planner and a trendsetter and you're already thinking about men's fashion for 2017, here are two things that are going to be massive trends. 

Number one is something that you might already own, the bomber jacket. it is not going anywhere for 2017. I think men just like having the option of a different kind of jacket besides just a jean jacket or a blazer. it really adds a whole other element to your wardrobe that allows you to do casual and cool, still in a very dressed up kind of sophisticated way. So bomber jackets for 2017, but they're going to come in a different form and a different fabrication. They're going to be a little bit dressier, a little bit sleeker but still really fun, and i promise every guy will want to incorporate it into their wardrobe.

softer colors for men

Second trend is you're going to see a lot of softer colors for men. When i think of men's fashion, i think of darker tones, but for spring 2017 colors are lightening up. So you're going to see a lot of stone greys, a lot of beige. You're even seeing "millennial pink" for guys, and millennial pink is a really soft almost rose tone of pink. So don't be afraid to lighten up for the spring.