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World's Biggest Solar Power Plant - Kamuthi, India

Biggest Solar Power Plant

A brand new 2,500 acre solar power plant is bringing clean energy to southern India. It's so big that This mega scale solar power plant is the size of 60 Taj Mahals. And it's even cleaned by solar powered robots. India aims to have 40% of its energy from renewable resources by 2030. A goal that the govt calls "ambitious" but achievable.

Vneet Jaain, CEO of Adani Power said, "We plan to produce 11,000 MW of solar energy in the next five years, getting India on the global map of renewable energy."

Earlier this year, Indian PM Modi called for support from the US Congress. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India said, "Caring for the planet is central for our shared vision of a just world. Our partnership therefore focuses on new ways to increase the availability and use of renewable energy. We are working together, not just for a better future for ourselves, but for the whole world.

India's new solar plant is the largest of its kind in the world and at full capacity, it can power up to 150,000 homes. But India's aging grid system needs to be updated for renewables to have widespread reach.