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Vijayawada Durga Temple Revenue Increases

Vijayawada Durga Temple

The Vijayawada Kanaka Durga temple revenue increased to Rs10 lakh from Rs 7 lakh per day even after demonetisation. The temple is getting the new currency flow along with the abolished currency notes. The temple had implemented swiping machines to support devotees in cashless transactions.

The collection counted from Hundis in the temple for 12 days from November 26 to December 7 is about Rs 1,25,26,355. Out of it, the new currency notes collection is about 29 lakh of 2.000 currency notes and 50 Rs 500 new currency.

While the abolished currency notes is worth about Rs 25 lakh of Rs 1,000 currency notes and Rs 500 old currency notes. Before demonetisation the collection was around 7 lakh daily and post demonetisation it increased to Rs 10 lakh, as the increased difference shows the abolished currency.

Interestingly, the collection from e-hundi is just Rs 50,000 per month on average which is a system where one has to select the temple listed and make the payment through online.

Temple EO A. Surya Kumari said that HDFC is collaborating with the temple to implement the e-hundi payments which will be launched soon.

Ms Surya Kumari said that as the revenue increased they are planning to construct Annadana Bhavan, Kesa Khandana Bhavan and a permanent kitchen (Potu) to increase the quality and quantity laddu prasadam.

"We are also planning to conduct Unjal Seva every Sunday and also Radham made of silver or gold to introduce a new seva to increase the temple revenue. We have established three RO plants," she added.