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Top 10 Computer Science Schools In The World

Top 10 Computer Science Schools

Planning a billion dollar tech startup? Here are the top 10 computer science schools to help you on your way.

10. Princeton University (QS ranking: 85.6) - An Ivy League institution

9. National University Of Singapore (QS ranking:85.9) - The oldest seat of higher education in Singapore.

8. ETH Zurich (QS ranking:86.3) - The Swiss tech school has produced 21 Nobel Prize winners.

7. University Of California Berkeley (QS ranking:89.4) - A stone's throw from Silicon Valley.

6. University Of Cambridge (Score: 89.8) - The city of Cambridge is a major UK tech hub, thanks in large part to the University.

5. Carnegie Mellon (QS ranking:91.4) - A private research university with a strong reputation in computer sciences.

4. Harvard University (QS ranking:92.4) - Mark Zuckerberg dropped out but it did't end so badly for the Facebook CEO.

3. University Of Oxford (QS ranking:92.5) - The oldest university in the English speaking world.

2. Stanford University (QS ranking:93.2) - Former students became the founders of Google, Instagram and Snapchat.

1. Massachusetts Institute Of technology (MIT) (QS ranking:93.8) - Graduates of MIT have founded 25,800 companies and employ 25% of the workforce of Silicon Valley.