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The Cost Of Making US Money

Cost Of Making US Money

The money supply in the US is controlled by the federal reserve system. For dollar notes, the Federal Reserve Board places an order each year with the department of the treasury's Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Here's how much each note costs to print in 2016.

One Dollar Bill - 5.5¢
Five Dollar Bill - 10.9¢
Ten Dollar Bill - 9.9¢
Twenty Dollar Bill - 10.6¢
Fifty Dollar Bill - 10.6¢
Hundred Dollar Bill - 14.3¢

USA coins

For coins reserve banks place orders with the US mint each year.

Here are the costs of producing coins in 2015

Penny - 1.43¢
Nickel - 7.44¢
Dime - 3.54¢
Quarter - 8.44¢