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Super Mario Run Review

Super Mario Run

Recently launched Super Mario Run by Nintendo is now available on iOS and is coming soon to Android. You can play the game as Nintendo's most famous character Mario.

Super Mario Run Three Modes

The game is free to download and you play the game in three modes without any payment. The three mode are World Tour, Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder.

World Tour is like classic mario game, where you clear levels to find the princess who has been kidnapped by the villain. In this game mario keeps running until the level ends and the clock run out. Your goal is to collect as much as coins as possible. World Tour makes one of the best mobile games ever played.

Toad Rally lets you compete against other players. You can collect a bunch of coins and the goal is collect more coins than you are opponent. That lets you build your kingdom and unlock more levels. The only major flaws of Super Mario Run is you cannot play it offline.

The lets you play three levels for free and you have to pay little amount to unlock the full game. We feel it's totally worth the price unless you live in a place where the internet connection is bad you should definitely play a super mario run.