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Snake Catchers In India Saving Lives

Snake Catching Tribe

This tribe catches some of the world's deadliest snakes for a living. The Irula in India have revolutionized snake bite treatment by harvesting venom to produce an antidote.

He says that, "The venoms are injected into horses. Then antigens taken from the horses are used to make anti venom. Whether you're bitten by a cobra or a krait, it's a single anti venom that is given. There's no separate medicine for every snake bite."

Each snake they catch has its venom extracted four times before it's released back into the wild. Their snake catching skills have been passed from generation to generation.

They say that, "We don't have much education. We're not interested in other work. But this is important, it's sacred to us. We don't know any other work, but this job we can do very well."

They make $3.50 for a viper and $35 for a cobra. it's good but risky money in a country with more snake bite deaths than anywhere else in the world.