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Meaning Behind 7 Popular Brand Names

Here's where 7 popular brand names actually come from.

Gatorade Meaning

1. Gatorade - A team of doctors at the university of florida developed the sports drink for its football team, Florida Gators

2. Nike - The company was initially named "Blue Ribbon Sports" and operated as a distributor for a japanese footwear brand. When it launched its own footwear line, the company was renamed after Nike - "The Goddess of Victory" in Greek mythology.

JCPenney Meaning

3. JCPenney  - JCPenney was named after its founder, James Cash Penney

Panera Bread Meaning

4. Panera Bread  - The name has spanish and latin roots.
Pan - Bread (Spanish)
Era - Age or time (Latin)
so, put together, Panera Means "Age Of Bread".

Soylent Meaning

5. Soylent - The meal replacement drink got its name from the science fiction novel "Make Room! Make Room! which was later adapted into a movie titled "Soylent Green". In The book, Soylent steaks consist of a blend of soybeans and lentils. In the movie, Soylent products are made from human corpses.

GAP Meaning

6. GAP - The name refers to the generation gap between the youth and adults. A popular theme in the mid 90's.

Starbucks Meaning

7. Starbucks - The name of this famous coffee chain comes from the character named "Starbucks". That appears in herman melville's masterpiece, Moby-Dick.