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Japan To Make Jurassic Park A Reality

moving dinosaur robots

Japan is trying to make "Jurassic Park" a reality. The world's biggest moving dinosaur robots have been unveiled. Created by the Japanese company On-Art Corp. A Robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex was featured during a presentation.

moving dinosaur robots

It stomped around loudly while making its signature roar and even pretended to bite the head of a "Caretaker". But the robot dinosaurs are all human operated mechanical suits. 12 of them are in operation and include raptor and allosaurus models. On-Art said it studied actual muscle structure of the ancient creatures and the mechanical suits were modeled from fossilized skeletons.

Using "State-Of-The-Art" carbon fiber materials to make them look more realistic. Right now, the robots are being used for various events around Japan. But On-Art's CEO said he dreams of creating a "Dino-A-Park" where visitors can see and experience creatures first hand. let's just hope it goes better than the famous movies.