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India's Handmade Superbike - Ridd

Riddhish Vyas Ridd Superbike

What do you do when all the superbike are too expensive? You build one for yourself! Riddhish Vyas from Rajkot, Gujarat is the creator of 'Ridd'.

Riddhish Vyas Ridd Bike

A 1000cc superbike made mostly by hand with 6 gears and a car engine, it can reach a top speed of 170 kmph. Made in one third of the cost of a superbike, it took 8 years to build. He has been awarded the 'Trend Setter' award by Gujarat Innovation Society.

He even has a Limca Book Record for the first Indian handmade 1000cc motorbike. That's some achievement for a man who is not even an engineer!