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India's Economy Surpassed The UK

India Economy Surpassed The UK

India's economy surpasses the UK's for the first time in more than 100 years. This dramatic shift has been driven by India's rapid economic growth in the past 25 years. And Britain's recent woes, particularly Brexit.

India now has the 5th largest GDP in the world after USA, China, Japan and Germany. Initially expected to overtake the UK's GDP in 2020. The sorpasso has been accelerated by a nearly 20% decline in the value of the pound this last year.

Consequently, UK's 2016 GDP of GBP1.87 trillion converts to $2.29 trillion. Meanwhile. India's GDP of INR 153 trillion converts to $2.30 trillion.

This gap is expected to widen until 2020, and likely beyond, as India grows at 6-8% P.A compared with the UK's growth of 1-2% P.A.

Even if the currencies fluctuate to modify these figures to rough equality. It's clear that India's economy has surpassed the UK's based on future growth prospects.