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India's Chess Village - Marottichal

India Chess Village Marottichal

How do you get rid of the liquor addiction of an entire village? Just teach them how to play chess! That's exactly what happened in Marottichal, Kerala a.k.a India's Chess Village.

Chess Village

It all started 40 years ago, with a 14 year old C.Unnikrishnan, inspired by Bobby Fischer. He learnt chess himself and then taught it to 100 men in the village. The game spread like wildfire and now 90% of the village plays chess.

Viswanathan Anand

Hearing about their chess literacy, grandmaster Viswanathan Anand congratulated them! The youngest player in the village is 3 years old and the oldest is 70 years old.

2010 Guinness record Gujarat

The village holds an Asian record for 1000 people playing chess simultaneously. C.Unnikrishnan's next move is to beat the 2010 Guinness record. Where 20,500 people played chess simultaneously in Ahmedabad, Gujarat!