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How NASA Would Handle An Asteroid

NASA Asteroid

How would NASA handle a killer asteroid?

Step 1 : A text goes out to a group of no more than 12 scientists.

Step 2:  These scientists immediately start tracking the asteroid's path.

Step 3: They nail down the object's size and time of impact.

Step 4: Confirm with FEMA that the impact is inevitable

Step 5: NASA and FEMA issue a public statement.At which point, the agencies would address how to protect earth. .

This type of Doomsday scenario is rare. NASA estimates that, a one mile wide asteroid only hits earth once every million years. But NASA and FEMA aren't taking any chances. Over the years, NASA and FEMA have conducted multiple test runs for this type of situation.

Which includes how humanity might deflect a life threatening impact by:

  • Firing lasers at the asteroid. 
  • Slamming a spacecraft into the asteroid
  • Detonating a bomb next to it.
  • And sending a spacecraft into orbit around the asteroid.
"It's not a matter of if - but when - we will deal with such a situation" - Thomas Zurbuchen