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Grow Your Own Bike - Ghana's Bamboo Bikes

Ghana Bamboo Bikes

These bikes are made from plants. Bernice Dapaah is changing the face of transport in Ghana, by making bikes out of bamboo.

Bernice Dapaah Bamboo Bikes Ghana

Bernice Dapaah founder of Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative said "We are harvesting bamboo for production and we have all the components. When you look at the seat tube, all the sizes that we want, we can get it from the bamboo. When i was in the college, i decided to see how best i can do something after school, especially using our local raw materials to do.

Ghana Bamboo Bikes

The frame is completely recyclable, and for each bamboo plant used the team plants ten more. Bernice is making a green form of transport even more eco friendly. She has already trained and employed more than 35 young people and some of them are disabled. They are doing nice, nice design, like custom made bikes, they write fancy names, very attractive names, we are creating employment for them so we're so happy about the social impact that the bamboo bike is making. The income is not only benefitting her employees, but also she's donating bikes to the local community.

She says that " The idea of we even going back, donating bicycles for kids that walk miles from their homes through the bamboo bike production, is really amazing. At initial stages it was a bit difficult though, because the prototype wasn't successful, but later we tried on, day in and day out, as we know business there's always risk.But with perseverance you can go far.

Bamboo bikes are now ridden not only in Ghana, but all over the world.