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Frequently Misused Words

Frequently Misused Words

Reign and Rein

Reign - (N) The period of the during which a king, queen, emperor, etc., is ruler of a country.

Rein - (N) The ability to limit or control something.

Compose and Comprise

Compose - (V) To come together to form or make something.

Comprise - (V) To be made up of something.
* A whole comprises its parts, not "Is comprised of" *

Effect and Affect

Effect - (N) A change that results when something is done or happens.

Affect - (N) To have an effect on; make a difference to

I.E and E,G

I.E. - (ABBR) That is

E.G. - (ABBR) For example

Cite and Site

Cite - (V) Ro refer to a passage, book, or author as evidence for or justification of an argument or statement.

Site - (N) The place where something is, was, or will be located.

Uninterested and Disinterested

Uninterested - (ADJ) Not wanting to learn more about something or become involved in something.

Disinterested - (ADJ)  Not influenced by personal feelings, opinions, or concerns.

Faze and Phase

Faze - (V) To disturb or disconcert someone.

Phase - (N) A part or step in a process.

Loathe and Loath

Loathe - (V) To hate someone or something very much.

Loath - (V) Unwilling to do something.