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Cow Poo Into Power

Cow Poo Into Power

Farmers in California are taking on climate change by turning cow poop into power! some dairy farms are using "methane digesters" to convert the gas from cow poop into electricity.

Arlin Van Groningen a farmer said, "We harvest the methane gas, we clean it, we put it through a (combustion) engine and we produce energy.

Livestock produce 14.5% of greenhouse has emissions caused by human activity.

Scientific advisor Ryan Mccarthy  said, "If we can reduce emissions of methane we can really help to slow global warming. There's a real opportunity here to get very significant emissions reductions at fairly low cost and actually in a way that we think can provide economic benefits to farmers and the local communities around dairies."

New California legislation stipulates that farmers must cut their methane emissions by 40%. California has set aside $50 million to help dairies set up the digesters but some farmers say it's not enough.

Scientific advisor paul Sousa said, "When you saddle dairies with additional environmental regulations and additional costs that other folks don't have to deal with, it just makes it more challenging. So we're continuing to lose dairies. Dairies are going out of business.Dairies are moving out of state to places where these costs don't exist."

Does the risk of climate change outweigh the cost to farmers?