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6 Things You Should Always Keep Secret

Keep Secret

1. Don't share your plans with everyone. Only talk about them if they come true.

2. Don't talk about the intimate details of your lifestyle. Modesty only works if you're restrained in words.

3. Never talk about how heroic you are. Everyone goes through tough times and is rewarded for it. But no one sees how you overcome internal struggles. Your success here is for you alone.

4. Never declare how enlightened you are. Reveal your knowledge only when those around you need it as well.

5. Never talk about conflicts at home or family problems. The less you speak about family conflicts the stronger and more stable it will be.

6. Don't bring up unpleasant things you're heard. He who recounts all that he hears on the street is no different to the person who doesn't wipe their feet as they come in.