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5 Tips To Master Instagram

5 Tips To Master Instagram

Instagram private account

1. Master Sharing Options  - Your account is public, to make it private go to settings and turn on private account.

2. Hide Stories From Particular People - Go to Options - Go to Story settings and Select the accounts you don't want to share your stories with.

3. Customise Your Experience 
Get notified when someone posts - Open their profile - select 'Turn on Post Notification'. You can also turn off a particular filter. Tap on a photo, add a filter but scroll right till the end.

See the posts you liked in the past - Go to Profile - select Settings - Select 'Posts' that you've liked.

4. Managing Other People  - Open a particular account, tap on the three dots at the top right 'Block User'.

5. Managing Space - Swipe left, select settings and tap on, 'Save Shared Photos'. Toggle it On/Off according to your needs.