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$300 Million Boeing 787 - Private Jet

Boeing 787

This 2,400 square foot home is actually a Boeing 787-8. The jet's list price is $224.6 million. While the custom interior adds another $100 million to the bill.

The massive master suite is isolated from the rest of the jet. It is soundproofed to the decibel level of a normal suburban home and includes a California king bed.

The master bath is huge,. The jet has 5 bathrooms in total.

The main lounge is spacious and includes massive displays. The guest cabin includes 18 first class sleepers seats. The jet's decked out interior was built by aviation consulting firm Kestrel Aviation Management for China's HNA Aviation Group.

According to the CEO of Kestrel Aviation Management Stephen Vella the jet will most likely be used by the HNA Aviation Group's chairman and ultra high end charter customers.