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2017 Top 10 Most In Demand Skills According To Linkedin

Top 10 Most In Demand Skills

These will be the 10 most in demand skills in 2017 according to LinkedIn.

10. Storage Systems and Management - Improving computer data storage and access.

9. SEO/SEM Marketing - Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing improves web search rankings.

8. Data Presentation - Employers increasingly need people who can organize data so it's easy to understand.

7. Mobile Development - Skills like app development fit into the 'Mobile Development' category.

6. Network and Information Security - As the internet of things develops, security is becoming more important.

5. User Interface Design - Creating software that people interact with is becoming more important.

4. Middleware and Integration Software - Middleware enables communication between software programs.

3. Web Architecture and Development - Building websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

2. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining - Employers increasingly need people to find and make sense of data.

1. Cloud and Distributed Computing - People who can develop and maintain these networks are the most in demand.