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2016 Best iPhone Apps


Prisma - The application Prisma has the ability to recreate any picture in the style of a painting. Like recreating picture of a beautiful teeline into the style of avant garde painter Francis Picabia. - This app has become the new social media sensation. Users record 15 second lip syncs to select songs on their phone or from's own library. It's helped fill the void left by the now defunct vine.

Tiny Cards App

Tiny Cards - Tiny cards is an amazing studing app. It lets you create your own flash card quizzes. You can add pictures to them and even learn from other people's quizzes.

Quartz App

Quartz - You can now get news updates in the form of a text like chatbot. You can click on the button to the left to learn more about the story. Or click on the button to the right to find another story.

House Party App

House Party - While texting is great, it can be bad for setting plans with large groups of people. House Party is a unique app for group video chat. Simultaneously chat with all of your friends in one "House".


Letgo - Letgo is an ebay like app that allows you to sell and give away the stuff you no longer want. You no longer have to throw away that old bookshelf - you can just list it on Letgo.

Picniic App

Picniic - This app helps you organize your family by keeping track of schedules, to-dos, and plans. There's a monthly subscription option as well for premium features like family tracking.