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2016 Best Apps

These are favorite apps released in 2016.

Pocket Casts App

Pocket Casts 
Pocket Casts  is an awesome podcast player for android and iOS. The app got a major update in 2016 and and this was made available for free for existing customers. It got an excellent new dark theme and it allows you to boost workers and trim silence white podcasts. The lattice saves a lot of time if you listen too many Podcast.

Prisma Logo

It appeared out of nowhere and became a wider sensation in no time. No one could've predicted how popular it could become. It became a huge it but has because it often has a positive effect on selfies and quite a few people continue to use this app for that.

Gboard App

Apple's Gboard keyboard works for most people but it could do with features such as better prediction. There are several third party alternatives available and the best is probably Gboard. This comes with a built in Google search, Jeff search as perhaps the best keyboard app for the iPhone.

Walnut App

This expense tracking app has been around for sometime but the demonetization effect has brought this app into the spotlight. This app makes it easy to find ATM that have cash and extremely useful when most people have almost no cash and most ATM's have long snake like ques.

Pigment App Coloring Book

Pigment brings colouring books for adults to a smartphone. Adult colouring books are quite expensive if you buy the print editions. But if you never tried it and aren't sure what the fuss is all about, Pigment is the app you need. The app has wonderful illustrations with lot of fun to colour. You get 250 drawings for free and after which you can pay for more. It's wonderfully restful and the drawing engine is one of the best we've seen. Currently it is on iOS only, but it's coming soon to android.