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Vadlakonda Can Be A Tourist Spot


Menhirs which date back to the megalithic era can be found just 6km from district headquarters at Vadlakonda village Menhirs are one of the 12 types of tombs the Archaeology Department recognised. But they are not being protected by the department. Locals are destroying them to make way for their agriculture lands.

They are usually between 3 feet to 20 feet and can be found in different shapes. In Vadlakonda these Menhirs can be seen in various shapes. One of them resembles a Neanderthal man looking up at the sky. There is a hole in place of the eye.

Local historian Reddy Ratnakar Reddy said these Menhirs are very rare. The government is planning to convert the nearby Cheeta kodur reservoir into a tourist spot. Proposals for boating and other amenities are awaiting approval.

"If these Menhirs are also preserved with proper security, the place would attract more tourists. Being very near people can come and watch how the primitive man worked. The archaeology department must take note of the location and preserve them," he said.