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Top 10 Best Places To Start A Business

Best Places To Start A Business

These are the best places to start a business

10. Ireland - Is the only EU member state to make the top ten.

9. Armenia - Is the only 'Lower middle income' economy to make the top ten

8. Georgia - Has risen two places since last year's rankings

7. Australia - It takes less than 3 days to start a business.

6. Singapore - An official company seal must be registered before a business begins trading.

5. Azerbaijan - Starting a business can be done entirely online.

4. Macedonia, FYR - Starting a business costs less than US$ 40

3. Hong Kong, SAR, China - Rose one place thanks to a reduction in business registration fees.

2. Canada - Only two procedures are required to start a business.

1. New Zealand - Starting a business takes less than a day.