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The Free Food Cafe - Ziferblat

Ziferblat Liverpool

In this cafe time is money. Every minute in Ziferblat costs 7 cents, but the food and drinks are free. This cafe is located in Liverpool, UK.

Shop owner Colin Shenton said "If you want to, you can come in and eat as much as you can in five minutes and run out of the door and be sick in the street. And if you did that, we'd probably put you on social media, but we wouldn't complain about it. One of the great rewards of Ziferblat is the amount of trust that it creates. We design in trust by having a whole free buffet system where people can help themselves to unlimited food and drinks and board games and newspapers and amazing wifi which is free.But all that we ask in return is that people respect the space."

Free Food Cafe

The food is unlimited, you just have to serve yourself and wash up when you're done. Ziferblat is based on a Russian concept, the word means "Clock Face". Customers check in and then the clock starts ticking and that's not stressing out these customers.

Customer Marina Buczynska said "There's no pressure, no one is asking you what you want, you can decide any time you want. In traditional cafes, they always look at you when order one coffee, and then you stay there longer than they want you to, they just look at you weirdly."

People spend an average of 83 minutes at Ziferblat.They say that's almost four times longer than other coffee shops.