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November 8th History

November 8

1793 - In France the revolutionary government lets the public see the royal art collection in the Louvre for the first time.

1827 - The Canton Register, the first English language newspaper in the Far East, starts publication in Guangzhou

1939 Hitler Assassination Attempt

1939 - Hitler escapes assassination attempt - Georg Elser missed killing Hitler by just 13 minutes. The 13 minutes which could have changed the course of history!

1939 - Seven people are killed and more than 60 injured when a bomb explodes in Munich shortly after Hitler has left after his traditional speech on the anniversary of his abortive Beer Hall putsch  - many suspect it was a propaganda ploy

1974 - London's Covent Garden ceases to be the location of the city's famous flower and vegetable market, leaving the site to be rejuvenated.

1987 - A man serving 17 years for murder in a California prison decides to sue a juror for $24 million (£13 million) for sleeping through most of his trial and contributing towards what he claims was an incorrect conviction.

1988 - Republican candidate George Bush wins the US presidential elections comfortably, carrying 40 states against only ten for his Democratic opponent, Michael Dukakis

1989 - In Virginia, Douglas Wilder becomes the first black state governor in the US.