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November 18th History

November 18th History

1626 - St Peter's in Rome is Consecrated.

1852 - A massive state funeral for the Duke of Wellington is held in London.

1901 - Britain and the US agree terms for a canal to be built through Central America.

1904 - In Rhodesia, a major source of gold is discovered .

1910 - Suffragettes attack the House of Commons; 119 people are arrested.

1922 - Death of Marcel Proust, author of the seven-volume Remembrance of Things Past.

1938 - 20 people are trampled to death at the lying-in-state of Kemal Ataturk, founder and President of modern Turkey.

1962 - The Battle of Rezang La

1977 - President Sadat becomes the first Egyptian leader to visit Israel.

1988 - A million Serbs demonstrate in Belgrade to demand independence.

1991 - Gustav Husak, former president and Communist Party leader of Czechoslovakia who crushed the Prague Spring in 1968, dies in Prague aged 78

2004 - The Civil Partnership Bill, enabling registered unions for same-sex couples, receives royal ascent in the UK.