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Most Powerful Engine In The World

Most Powerful Engine

This is the most powerful engine in the world. The engine is called 14RT-FLEX96C and it can output

  • 107,000 horsepower, that is 113 times more powerful than the Ferrari Laferrari. 
  • 71 times the horsepower of a M1 Abrams Battle Tank
  • 12 times stronger than an Amtrak Train
The engine is designed to power ultra large container ships such as Marco Polo, a giant container ship larger than a US Navy Aircraft Carrier. The engine can propel the ship at a top speed of 27 knots. The body consists of 14 inline engines making it about 90 feet long and weighing more than 5,000,000 pounds. It's designed by a finnish company named Wartsila. The engine is highly efficient in waste heat recovery which means less fuel consumption.