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Home Made Moisturisers For Supple Skin

The winter is upon us. Keep stock of these natural moisturisers for supple skin all through the season.

Pumpkin with Brown Sugar

Pumpkin with Brown Sugar And Olive Oil For Your Feet

Take half a pumpkin and mash well. Keep aside. Now add two tsp brown sugar and three tsp olive oil. Additionally, add three tsp lemon juice and one tsp coffee bean powder. Apply the paste on your feet and wash well in lukewarm water. Scrub your feet with a pumice stone to slough off dry and dead skin.

Peppermint Leaves

Peppermint Leaves And Beeswax

Melt three tsp beeswax in 3/4 cup of olive oil in a microwave. The beeswax must be mixed well so that a uniform concoction is made. Keep aside until it cools down. Soak peppermint leaves in a cup of water. Now, blend them well after adding drops of an essential oil. Add melted wax in the blender. Voila, a creamy paste is ready to use it daily.

Glycerine And Honey

Glycerine And Honey

Not in the mood to whip out a fancy paste? Nevermind. Try this easy homemade lotion. All you need is combine two tsp glycerine and honey. Mix well until a thick and uniform paste is made. Store in a cool dry container and use it all day. You may need to keep it on for about five minutes before washing off.