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Drinkable Water From The Atmosphere - WaterSeer

Drinkable Water  Waterseer

This turbine works 24/7 to create water out of thin air. WaterSeer is a turbine that creates drinkable water from the atmosphere. It condenses pure water from the air without using power or chemicals.

WaterSeer Drinkable Water

The turbine spins internal fan blades that direct air into a condensation chamber. The metal sides of the chamber are cooled by surrounding soil which cools the warm air inside the chamber and condenses the water vapor onto the sides flowing down into the reservoir.

This means Waterseer works with or without wind and yields 37 liters of drinking water everyday. It can be planted 6 feet into the ground near communities. So women and children don't have to walk 6 hours every day to collect contaminated water. Simple, sustainable and scalable for any community.