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Delhi Smog Vs Great Smog Of London

Delhi Smog

Since last few days thick, toxic smog has covered the New Delhi, the capital city of India. It is being compared to "Great Smog" of London 1952. 

Great Smog fell over the London in December 1952. About 8,000 people died in following weeks and months; with fog so thick it stopped trains, cars, and public events. The parliament of the United Kingdom passed clean air act 1956 in response to London's Smog.

In response to Delhi's toxic smog: All Delhi schools will remain shut for the next 3 days. For the next 5 days, no construction and demolition work with take place in Delhi. All diesel generator sets have been banned for the next 10 days. The Badarpur power plant will be shut down for 10 days. Vacuum cleaning of roads will start from November 10. Water sprinkling will start on all roads from November 7.