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6 iMessage Apps You Should Be Using

Apple added an entire separate app store just for iMessage in IOS 10. Here are the six apps you should be using

1. Giphy - Apple's own gif searcher just can't beat the web #1 gif resource which has just about everything you can imagine from old favorites to just plain weird.

2. Venmo - Venmo allows you to send or request money via text. And now you can do this without even leaving your text conversation.

3. GamePigeon - Choose between a whole list of classic turn-based games like poker, pool, and chess. Make your move when you have free time and then send it via text message.


4. JibJab - JibJab's keyboard is pretty sweet. it takes a photo of your face which you can then place over various photos and animations.

5. Momento - It's a photo sharing app that scans your photos and creates gifs of some of your best shots. Giving you an instant library of personal gifs to send to anyone.

6. Imoji - Yes, stickers can be annoying but Imoji stickers are different. they're stickers you make yourself from your photo library. You just trace around the part of the photo you want to be a sticker. And Bam! instant stickers to send to friends.