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Unknown Facts About Chaiyya Chaiyya Of Dil Se

1. Entire song was shot in 4.5 days.

2. Farah Khan who won the Best Choreographer in FILMFARE at 1999 (For "Chaiyya Chaiyya") was paid 40,000 for the song.

3. Shah Rukh Khan wanted the song to be so good that no one ever try another song on top of the train.. And guess wat.. No one has!

4. "Before Malaika Arora, we approached Shilpa Shetty for Chaiyya Chaiyya but she was scared" - Farah Khan

5. The idea of shooting a song on the top of train was with Mani Ratnam for almost 9 years. He initially tried to have it done in Geethanjali but couldn't make it up.