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October 13th History

October 13

1399 - Coronation of Henry IV the first King of the House of Lancaster

1792 - US President George Washington lays the foundation stone of the White House.

1857 - Prioress wins at Newmarket, becoming the first American horse to win a major British race.

1884 - Greenwich is adopted as the universal meridian.

1904 - The Interpretation of Dreams by Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud is published.

1930 - Hitler's 107 Nazi deputies turn up in uniform to take their new seats at the Reichstag.

1939 - Hitler tries without success to persuade US President Roosevelt to mediate a peace between Germany, France and Britain.

1947 - The First Kashmir War started between India and Pakistan. India was the victor as it successfully defended majority of the Kashmir region.

1988 - The Law Lords lift an injunction and allow British newspapers to print extracts from Peter Wright's book Spycatcher.