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November 3rd History

November 3 History

1706 - 15,000 people die as the town of Abruzzo in Italy is destroyed by an earthquake

1839 - An expeditionary force begins to be assembled after deteriorating relations between Britain and China over the opium trade have led to war

1903 - Panama proclaims its independence from Colombia

1926 -  Death of Annie Oakley, the legendary American shooter with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

1942 - British field marshall Bernard Law Montgomery's troops break through commander of the Afrika Corps Erwin Rommel's front line in Africa and capture 9, OOO prisoners

1954 - Death of the French painter and sculptor Henri Matisse

1957 - Russian dog in space

1984 - The Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is cremated

1985 - Two French agents in New Zealand plead guilty to sinking the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior and to the manslaughter of the photographer on board

1988 - Indian armed forces launch operations to help the Maldives fight against the 15O sea borne invaders who stormed the capital Male to overthrow the democratically elected government

1992 - Bill Clinton, the 46-year- old Governor of Arkansas is elected President of the United States of America winning a decisive victory in the presidential election and defeating the existing President George Bush.